locked Re: Grid Alerts: Preparing JTA Settings for CQ WW VHF Contest with Grids. #DXLAB

Tom Melvin


ALL.TXT is not used by wsjt-X for colour alerts etc. Replace ALL.TXT with wsjtx_log.adi in your instructions.




On 18 Jul 2020, at 01:03, Mark W2OR via groups.io <reston2010mm-orders@...> wrote:

Thank you.  That's good news, as usual, from the one and only JTA pro of pros.    

I am told by a local op here that, for this CQ WW VHF contest, JTA and/or the DXKeeper log app, are not needed for this particular contest, if one operates in data mode only.  Instead, one can just use the built-in WSJT contest log, in WSJT contest mode, with WSJT keeping track of, and providing color coded alerts (hopefully) for new grids.  That's good news ... if true.  

If that WSJT-only option is used, and since I don't know the logging intricacies, it'd probably be best to first:
~~ If necessary, Copy the WSJT ALL.txt file and store in a safe place.
~~ Delete the old ALL.txt file, and start a new one for use during the contest.
~~ Reset the WSJT cabrillo log (to erase old log entries, if any).
~~ Test everything hours before the contest begins.  Of course.  

Thanks again for a truly remarkable app ... its varied features never cease to amaze. 
C U this weekend on 6m FT8, Laurie  : ) 

// Mark

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