locked Grid Alerts: Preparing JTA Settings for CQ WW VHF Contest with Grids. #DXLAB

Mark W2OR

Preparing JTA Settings for CQ Worldwide VHF Contest with Grids.

This weekend's VHF contest will be a new one here, and am unsure on what JTA settings to adjust before hand, specifically, any related to needed grids.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.  I'm assuming the following steps are appropriate . . . but being a newbie, perhaps not.  // Mark.

~~ Start a new (empty) log for DXKeeper (DXLabs)
~~ Download the latest cty. database from HamApps.com into JTA
~~ Set 'enable' for JTA 'Wanted Grid' . 
~~ Probably turn 'OFF' most all of the other JTA alerts.
~~ Do a JTA Scan of (the empty DXKeeper) log for 'Wanted Grid'
~~ I'm forgetting something here ...  

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