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On 17/07/2020 5:53 am, Joe wrote:
Things were working, for weeks, then suddenly no calls were being displayed in the JTAlert app main window.  WSJTX is decoding them, the JTAlert decode window shows them, but no callsigns are being displayed.

Ring a bell with anyone??



If the Decodes window is displaying decodes, than the main JTAlert processing is working.

The missing callsigns in the main display will be due to having one or more Alert filters set. JTAlert will be showing "Filter" in the titlebar status text. What filters do you have set under the "Alerts -> Filters" menu?

Are you sure that ALL decoded callsigns are non-displaying or do you randomly get some callsigns displayed like only CQs?

A couple of possibilities...
  • The "Show only callsigns generating Alerts" filter is set, but you don't have any Alert types enabled.

  • One of the QSL membership (lotw, eqsl) filters is set, but the Callsign database file (which contains the membership data) has been removed. A reinstall of JTAlert will reinstall the missing file.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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