locked JTAlert screen stays small

BenFieke Meyer

Hi There,

For some reason I cannot get the oblong screen from JTAlert on top of my WSJT-X screen anymore. If I move the mouse over the JTAlert Icon in the taskbar I can see a miniature oblong JTAlert screen with the callsigns in colours, but they are too small to read and not overlayed on the WSJT-X screen. If I click on the JTAlert Icon, I only get the WSTJ-X screen without the oblong JTAlert screen. I also cannot check any settings anymore for JTAlert.

I run HRD ver. ,  WSJT-X ver 2.2.2 and JTAlert ver 2.16.8  .

Has anybody an idea how to fix this?


Ben Meyer, ZL1CAH

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