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On 14/07/2020 2:04 am, Michael Aust via groups.io wrote:

My question can I set an Audio Alert 
to trigger an Audio File on when JTAlert
sees a DX call outside North American 
with an exchange with say a USA North
America call ( not a CQ type call ) so that
I can know that the 6meter band is opening
up to foreign DX !

Can anyone tell me how to do this ?



Not possible. Apart from the target in a targeted CQ  (directed CQ) JTAlert doesn't track the contents of individual decodes, so has no way of knowing, based on the decode message, if the DX has started working NA.

This statement confuses me...
so that
I can know that the 6meter band is opening
up to foreign DX !

Surely, if JTAlert has decoded DX stations, you already know that the Band has opened up to foreign DX. Am I missing something in your statement?

If you simply want to be alerted to a Band opening that likely includes DX stations try setting the "Out of Shack" Alert. You can set the alert to trigger on any new decodes to indicate a previously dead band has opened or set a distance value such that local (domestic) decodes don't trigger the alert, but newly decoded DX stations do trigger the Alert. This Alert can also be set to only trigger if specific Wanted Alerts are triggered. Once the OOS Alert has triggered and gained you attention, it should be turned off which will then revert to normal Alerting based on your needed requirements.


de Laurie VK3AMA

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