locked Re: JTAlert not working

Michael Black

On Sunday, July 12, 2020, 11:05:04 PM CDT, Kenneth Dauma <kdauma1@...> wrote:


I just upgraded to the latest JTAlert for WSJT-X, but when I openĀ up the program,
it displays for a few seconds as a narrow display and then drops down out of
sight and I can't get it to come back up so it can be used.
I've tried everything I know to get the window to come up, which isn't much, so
I can use it with WSJT-X when I'm working FT8 digital mode.
The programs all worked well until I did the update and then JTAlerts window
won't display.

HELP, what has happened, what can I do to fix this???? I'm lost, I'm not a
computer person.

Thank you


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