Locked Re: JTAlertPlugins.exe file is missing

Jim N6VH

On 7/12/2020 7:04 AM, RED wrote:
VIA Google search, I found that the most common problem, for my sound symptoms, was that JTAlertPlugins.exe was being block when downloading JTAlert.  I did not realize it has been replaced by JTAlertV2.Manager.exe.  

I have 2.16.8 installed. I have sound when selecting "Test  "Sound Output" ... but no Alert Sounds otherwise.  On an older version of JTAlert, I was using "Wanted US State, Individual bands".  I had all but 4 states on 6 Meters and it worked great!  I have since cleared all of 6M states, but still do not get "Alert Sounds".  I have tried it on two Windows 10 PC, and have identical sound problems.  Your help is appreciated.

73’s, Bob K0SIR


Do you have a .wav selected for each alert? If so, have you tested it to make certain it is working? Is the volume slider far enough up?


Jim N6VH

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