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I do get the screen as shown in your email and confirmed that JTAlertV2 Manager is running.  However,  I noticed that the band activity window had not updated since July 2.  I then temporarily shut down the virus protection software (ZoneAlarm) and shutdown/restarted JT-Alert..  The band/activity time then updated and continued to update and the log details window began to be properly updated based on the XML lookup as well.  What is strange is that even after restarting the protection software, the band activity and xml lookup continued to function.  So all is functional at the present time.  As far as the band activity/xml lookup,  what should be allowed in the ZoneAlarm protection software.

By the way,  JT-Alert is an excellent piece of software.

Bob  K5HX

On Saturday, July 11, 2020, 11:33:29 PM CDT, Laurie, VK3AMA <hamapps.support@...> wrote:

On 12/07/2020 11:13 am, BOB K5HX via groups.io wrote:
> The files have been sent to HamApps Support - thank you.
> Bob K5HX


You files contain the following in the "QrzXml_1.result.text" file...
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
> <QRZDatabase version="1.33" xmlns="http://xmldata.qrz.com">
> <Session>
> <Error>Username/password incorrect </Error>
> <GMTime>Thu Jul  2 12:46:22 2020</GMTime>
> <Remark>cpu: 0.158s</Remark>
> </Session>
> </QRZDatabase>

This is why there was no .record file to examine the xml data that goes
into that file was never received due to the username/password error.

I also note that all your session files are dated Jul-02, nothing since
which corresponds to the above error file.

For some reason, all of the status files created/update by the
JTAlertV2.Manager.exe process are also dated Jul-02 suggesting that the
Manager process is not getting run. If it is not running, than xml
lookups will not be actioned along with Alert sounds and online log uploads.

I used your config file and xml lookups worked correctly indicating that
the username/password currently set are correct.

Please run JTAlert again, leave for 2 minutes and then use the
Help->About menu to check the status of the Manger. It should show
similar to this...
> ================================
> JTAlertV2.Manager status
> (2020-07-11 23:02:12 utc)
> -----------------------------------
> Audio          : Initialized : YES
> BandData       : Initialized : YES
> HamSpots       : Initialized : YES
> Text Msgs      : Initialized : YES
> QRZ Xml        : Initialized : YES
> HamQth Xml     : Initialized : YES
> QRZ Log        : Initialized : YES
> HamQth Log     : Initialized : YES
> ClubLog Log    : Initialized : YES
> Eqsl Log       : Initialized : YES
> HrdLog Log     : Initialized : YES
> DXLab DDE      : Initialized : YES
> User Alert     : Initialized : YES
> Updates Chk    : Initialized : YES
> Maintenance    : Initialized : YES

If you don't get similar to the above, open TaskManager and check if the
JTAlertV2.Manager.exe process is running. JTAlert automatically (at 2
second intervals) try and start that process if it detects it not running.

If the Manager is not running, likely your PC protection software is
interfering, as prior to Jul-02 all was working correctly.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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