locked Question: Filter Decodes History Window by date / time.

Mark W2OR

Question: What procedure can be used to filter the Decodes History window by date or time frame?

The specific filtering needed is to determine how many call signs from one particular DX country were decoded by WSJT / JTAlert on a particular date.   Presumably, to to that :

(a) first filter the Decodes window by country, which is easy to do, with the filtered results showing all the decodes for one country over several days; and then (b) somehow filtering by date, to show the country's call sign activity just for that date.  Then, finally, with those two aforementioned filters in place, then (c) using the View tab Statistics Window to show how many different call signs were decoded from that particular country on that particular date.  Seems easy enough, but how is one to filter by date?

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