Re: Spam from K2G

Thomas Mize KJ4GK

Thanks neil_zampelia....From what I have understood, from many people complaining about this they have blocked the multi-threading from normal frequencies with the latest version but I could be wrong about that I haven't upgraded my version.  I actually started off trying DXPedtion Mode with WSJT-X first and was have a lot of people attempting to contact me in normal operating mode.  I was messaging them via JT Alert walking them through it but I think he confusing aspect to that is DXPedtion Mode was designed mainly for DXPedtions. So the operator chasing the DX probably has already familiarized them self with the mode.  With this being a Special Event instead of a contest a large number wasn't familiar with it.  That is then when I had the idea to try out MSHV and it appeared to allow people in DXPedtion mode via WSJT-X to work me just fine since I was on the edge of the water fall to the left around 300 and the people working normal mode of course had no issues.

I think it is one of those things if used correctly can be ok but when used wrong especially on FT4 it could really take off a lot of bandwidth especially on a already crowded waterfall.  I have seen some of the DXPedtion guys running up to 5 streams on normal operating freq before and they were transmitting over people with out knowing it.

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