Re: Spam from K2G

Thomas Mize KJ4GK

I am the one responsible for the messages being sent the last few days using JT Alert and I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY.

Allow me to explain please...

First off, this is absolutely embarrassing. My Name is Thomas Mize - KJ4GK and this is my first year volunteering to operate as K2G along with many others ops from GA for the 13 Colonies Special Event.

I am one of those type of guys that always tries to think out side the box. In a way, it is a good thing in many situations, but with what happened with this IT WAS NOT :(

What gave this idea, was what a fellow Ham said. He stated, that he wasn't having a lot of luck on the allocated frequencies even with spotting them.  The word wasn't getting out well enough.  Just by hearing him say that.  Once I got off the phone I had the idea popped off in my thick skull, I was like, "If I could send messages out to operators that are already on the band operating FT8/4 and Invite them over to the frequencies it would be GREAT!"

Then my thought was..."BUT...a big BUT, I cannot allow messages to be sent to anyone twice. In my mind that was the key. If people received messages more then once, this would NOT BE A GOOD THING AT ALL!!!

So I attempted to work on the program and found out that I wouldn't be able to implement the code to make sure it doesn't send to the same operator twice(A little over my head) so I jumped on a Freelance Site and Hired a Programmer for $80 to help me with this. I also told him only messages to be sent to operators that were online as well. I explained how important it was that people can't be sent the same message twice. I needed a database to be implemented.

The next day he sent the source over and it appeared to be working GREAT. I was getting a lot of replies thanking me so much for inviting them.  I was so happy because It was working and it was bringing people to the freq. BUT. . .

Last night I received my first message alerting me that a person had received a message more then once, for me to quit.  It startled me. Then I received another message a few minutes later, so I stopped the program IMMEDIATELY! 

This morning I woke up to find Laurie's message he had sent about the messages, then saw this in the and my heart DROPPED. You can say the emotions I had was of ANGER mixed with Embarrassment.

I contacted the programmer right away and requested my money back and I let him know HOW UPSET I WAS!!!!!!!!!! that it had caused a uproar AMONG fellow Ham operators and that many people were very upset and that messages were being sent to people more then once which is the MOST IMPORTANT reason I hired him in the first place.

I am deeply sorry about this to everyone.   I was just wanting to think out side the box and do something that would help spread the word of the Event and to invite operators over to work K2G.  I was hoping if it worked out great I could share it with the other States for next year.  I see that it did help MANY people. I have received well over 100+ messages thanking me BUT it came with the expense of upsetting people which just isn't right.  Honestly since this happened, it has got me to pondering and thinking a lot. Even if it never sent to someone twice, I still am not to sure if it was a good idea at all.  I just wasn't thinking.  I'm just a guy that want to help people, I've always been that way, I'm 37 Years old and have 2 precious kids and thank God they took after me. They are the same way. 

Again I take full responsibility for this Laurie.  It in no way should reflect on K2G or any other operators as a group. I had this idea single handed and no one else used this but me. I have deleted the source code and the program and will no longer EVER use this again.

I just hope Laurie you will find it in your heart to forgive me.  My intentions were positive I promise, and now My IP Address which is my home IP address has been blocked. In response to one of your messages I wasn't behind a VPN. I don't own one. I was just trying to help.  I have only slept no more then 4 Hours every day so far for this event. I felt so privileged to be able to participate and now I feel terrible! I am one of the biggest Fans of JT Alert and have been enjoying it everyday for a whole year now. Being a programmer my self(No where near as good as you) I have a special respect for you as a programmer because I can fathom how much work it takes to keep something like this going out of the good will of your heart).

I repeat one last time, This will never happen again, I have deleted all the files. It was a good idea at the time that turned out to be a terrible one.  I am so sorry for anyone that I angered. 


Thomas Mize  KJ4GK

If you can forgive me Laurie I would love to be able to use Hamspots and Jt Alert still. It has been a big part of my life for the last year. If not I understand.  I am on a static IP over here and it doesn't change as far as I know. 73 Everyone.

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