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Thanks Tom for the guidance.  I made the change and will see what happens.  I did notice from the WSJT-X logfile that the FT4 frequency changed from 14.080 after the initial contact to 14.074 but everything is still noted as FT4.  That shows the decoding issue and reason, but not the cause.

Thank you again Tom..

73's  Craig

On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 10:52 AM Tom Job <ve3ii@...> wrote:
I had the same issue with WSJT-X "skipping" decode cycles.  Very frustrating!!  Through their forum, I found a workaround that seems to fix it.  Just change the priority of WSJT-X to Realtime instead of the default Normal setting.

Right click on the taskbar and select Task Master. Select the Details tab and scroll down the list to WSJT-X.exe.  Right click on it and select Select Priorty and from the selections, choose Realtime.  Confirm it with the Change Priorty pop-up.

One issue is that you have to do this each time you start WSJT-X, even on a reboot.  It may put a wee stress on your CPU but not a whole lot and only for a second or two, depending on your CPU.  My shack laptop is old but it handles it fine.

I hope that helps.... it works for me with Windows 8.1 and a mighty 1.4GHz CPU :P

73, Tom VE3II

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