locked Re: Decoding Irregularities

Tom Job

I had the same issue with WSJT-X "skipping" decode cycles.  Very frustrating!!  Through their forum, I found a workaround that seems to fix it.  Just change the priority of WSJT-X to Realtime instead of the default Normal setting.

Right click on the taskbar and select Task Master. Select the Details tab and scroll down the list to WSJT-X.exe.  Right click on it and select Select Priorty and from the selections, choose Realtime.  Confirm it with the Change Priorty pop-up.

One issue is that you have to do this each time you start WSJT-X, even on a reboot.  It may put a wee stress on your CPU but not a whole lot and only for a second or two, depending on your CPU.  My shack laptop is old but it handles it fine.

I hope that helps.... it works for me with Windows 8.1 and a mighty 1.4GHz CPU :P

73, Tom VE3II

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