Re: Spam from K2G

WB5JJJ - George

I was first keyed into his operation when I got a JTA F5 message to operate split (which I always do) a couple of days ago during the 13Col.  When I responded that I was, he said that it was not intended for me, but had a "glitch" in his macro and it was sent to all stations at once. 

Yes, he is in fact using a macro he wrote to send out hundreds of messages to all those that he has copied.  He initiated a JTA F5 chat about this and he even has a video on how he does it.  He's a younger guy and a software developer.  He also said that lots of hams don't like his methods, but it works for him. 

If it happens again, then I'll just block his callsign in JTA and not worry about the "spam".  Maybe Laurie could add something to the hamspots website to prevent this in the future. 
George - WB5JJJ

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