locked Re: Logging to N3FPJ times out no matter the length set

WB5JJJ - George

Yes, it did - a couple of times.  Restarted all programs a few times as well.

On further investigation, it appears that something may have corrupted the index on the LogData.mdb file so it was only showing up to contact #122 when JTA was peeking into the file, and after that nothing, even though there were many more contacts that Access or JTA could not "see".  The file date/time was not being updated past that event either. 

Talked to Scott, he was unsure what happened, but whatever it was, somehow N3 was able to continue to operate just fine and contacts were immediately uploaded and visible to ACLog.  N3 also was able to be restarted multiple times with contacts not shown in the LogData.mdb file, were displayed, even though the mdb file stopped at #122 when viewed in Access, and apparently by JTA as well. 

Before I started on Sunday, I rebuilt the N3 LogData.mdb file from the night before adif export.  All files were now visible in the LogData.mdb file and everything worked totally as expected for the rest of the contest with JTA not generating any more warnings. 

George - WB5JJJ

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