locked Re: Not logging some QSOs to DXKeeper. #DXLAB

Carl - WC4H

Hi Laurie.

In re-reading your post (part quoted below), I think that there is some confusion.

I I reported to Dave was as a result of his request that I run DXK debug.  I was not running JTAlerts debug then, so I would not expect you to see his data in the debug I sent you.

What I reported to you, has nothing to do with those callsigns.  I started your debug and waited until I got an error.

The station and QSO I reported as not being logged was:
Callsign: KE2D 6/26/2020 02:23 UTC 40M FT4
The QSO before (for reference) was with W8MDE at 02:18 UTC.

JTAlerts debug was definitely running then.  When the next QSO started, I turned the dbug off off.  Incidentally, the next one did not log either but I figured that you had one in the debug data.

So the status of KE2D is what should show up as not having been sent to DXK.

I am currently running both debugs but as I have said before:  Who knows when I'll get another error.

Carl - WC4H

"From Dave AA6YQ I got the following information

The errorlog shows the receipt of log directives for QSOs with
KE0CH at 2020-06-25 13:41:03
WB9DLC at 2020-06-25 13:43:11
WW0E at 2020-06-25 13:44:44

The errorlog does not show DXKeeper receiving a directive to log a QSO with WZ9B."

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