locked Re: Not logging some QSOs to DXKeeper. #DXLAB

Carl - WC4H

Hi Bill.

I am absolutely sure.  It just happened againg.  That means that it was not the eQSL upload.  I mentioned eQSL for  full disclosure but as I now know, it is not the problem.

I have the debug log for day for this instance and I will now turn on the debug log for JTAlerts.  Like I said before, this is randome so there's no predicting when it will happen again.


I was sending some text messages during the use this time.  If the QSO partner is online, I often send a "Tnx QSO.  73.  Carl" message.  Sometimes that leads to a few exchanges which are like an extended QSOs and can be very interesting.

I'll keep an eye on it to see if the messages interfere.

Carl - WC4H

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