locked Re: Not logging some QSOs to DXKeeper. #DXLAB

Carl - WC4H

HI Laurie.

It's relatively recent, but yesterday it seems to have happened more frequently.  PC restart is one of the first things I do.

I may have hit upon the solution.  Last night, while having the DXKeeper debug on, I had previously turned off the logging to eQSL checkbox in JTAlerts.  There may be an issue with my eQSL since I moved.  However, in that case, I would expect that it would log it to DXKeeper and DXKeeper to give me an error that it was not uploaded to eQSL.

I'll continue using it and try the JTAlerts debugging and let you know.  

If it's the eQSL issue, then it should not happen while I have that tuned off and I will let you know as well.,  If I go two or three days without the problem, then I will think it was the eQSL logging.  

Carl - WC4H

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