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I don't see how you could shrink JT-Alert-X without reducing the number of calls it displays. I'd rather it stays as it is rather than lose information in order to make it smaller.

Julian, G4ILO

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that's great Ed,
what I need is the reverse
I need to gain desktop real estate
I need to shrink JT-Alert-X so it will match
the minimum width of the WSJT-X window

With the help of Julian VK4CMV
I am now able to run both WSJT-X & JT65-HF at the same time
by using the main and secondary receiver in my K3

this way I can watch both modes, and
I can tx on the main for JT65 or
tx in split for JT9

no more deciding which mode I wan to play on for the day

On 5/8/2013 3:46 PM, Ed Wilson wrote:


The latest version of WSJT-X can be extended horizontally to match JT-Alert-X.
The same goes for the waterfall, but you will have to play with the settings to
get all 1 KHz to show and when you do, you will have a black area to the right
with no waterfall. I have all three of my windows aligned in this fashion, but
the waterfall only extends to 2 KHz and the black area I mentioned extends from
2.0 KHz to 2.3 KHz.

Ed, K0KC

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*Subject:* [Ham-Apps] JT-Alert window width

Laurie you know you've about got it perfected
when you start getting requests like this one.

The default JT-Alert window width
matches the JT65-HF & JT65-HF Comfort window widths exactly.

However the width of the JT-Alert windows width for JT9-X
extends out beyond the WSJT-X window width.

...and so its far right end, ends up under another window
would it be possible to make the JT-Alert window widths
match the 2 different WSJT and JT65 window widths,
dependent on which one it was working with?



GB & 73
Sam Morgan


GB & 73
Sam Morgan

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