locked Re: JTAlert updates will blow away directories or files underneath the JTAlert node, including possibly your logfile


Now that i have returned from a great visit on Fathers Day, I can now test my theory the the JTAlert updates will blow away your logfiles (and any other custom files/folders you have in the JTA installation directory) upon a software update. 
in my case i have my JTA software installed in 
but your JTA install path can be anywhere you selected during the installation or the default windows path for appls without custom installation paths.
fortunately, another update was made available by Laurie since i was away which provided a perfect opportunity to test with.
the upgrade moved me from v2.16.7 to v2.16.8 
my adif logfile path/file as setup in JTA->Settings->Logging->Standard ADIF file is 
my logfiles and directory have been getting deleted whenver i ran the lst couple of installs.
i believe the JTA installer blindly deletes the JTAlert directory tree (rather than only muck with files it installed)and then lays in the new update files (since all persistent config is in APPDATA). 
this time, the first thing i did was copy/save off my JTA logs (using ADIF logging) somewhere far away from the JTA install path.  Furthermore, i placed a couple of dummy files and a folder with a dummy file in the JTA install directory just before running the update.  
i then ran the update - and sure enough POOF !!!   Not only was my adif logfile deleted, but so too the add'l test files i dropped in the JTA install directory were deleted after running the JTA installer.
SO... BEWARE OUT THERE if you happen to choose an alternate path than the install default, and you then choose (for organizational reasons) to place the adif logfile in it, MAKE SURE you copy your files out BEFORE running the installer or they will ALL be gone when the update is completed. 
DO NOT put your logfiles in the JTA install directory in the first place. 
while this is not the best practice for an install program (microsoft's documented recommendations) but can be worked around if its well known that it behaves this way as one can simply copy the files first to prevent them from being deleted, and replace them afterwards.

-bob, w9zv

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