locked Re: Decodes Fatal Error


Thanks Laurie.  You nailed it.  Trying audio State alerts, the first one is clipped, then all others are fine as long as I test one after another.  I had swapped out a monitor and that's when the audio truncating began.  Switched back to the old monitor and all is well.  Looked around to learn how to shut off the sound driver power saver with no luck.  Seems I've got Realtec.  Downloaded an update for the Driver.  Now WSJTX is not decoding.  Did a system restore to go back to a good time.  No luck.  Not a JTA issue, but on my 3rd evening trying to get decodes working again.  Finding there was a Win10 update somewhere along the line. There us plenty of info on my forums with other having decode problems.  Atleast I learn everytime I run into a new snag, but I think I know just about all I want about computers.  I'd really rather make some QSO's.  Hi  73 Herb WB8ASI

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