locked Re: HRD Logbook now has to be refreshed before new entries appear. #HRD

David De Coons

One other tip on HRD Logbook. If you have a LOT of entries you may consider switching to MariaDB. There is info on HRDs site including a link to YouTube video. If anyone needs assistance, contact me direct off list. 

Dave wo2x

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On Jun 20, 2020, at 10:27 AM, Gary - AC6EG <AC6EG@...> wrote:

Thank-you everyone.  Your responses told me the problem had to be with HRD Logbook.  A few days ago I had accidentally closed the main window in HRD Logbook and my log disappeared.  To restore it I had to use HRD File Manager to open one of two available databases. I chose "HRD My Logbook - Access" and my log reappeared.  I thought I was good to go and didn't realize till this morning that I had made the wrong choice.  I should have chosen "My Logbook."   This would have restored my logbook and new entries would have again appeared instantly as they always have in the past.  To André and others who might have this problem, check to make sure you are using the "My Logbook" database!

Gary - AC6EG

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