locked Re: JTAlert V2.16.8

Al Groff

First, there are three parts to a successful in stall with false positives. First is the download process which is dependent on the browser download protocols and does not look at Windows Defender file exceptions.  Next is installation process and then post install which are effected by the Windows Defender exception list.

Here are the exceptions that I ran with the Windows Edge browser...( V83.0.478.45 )

click on the ... and then select Keep

then select  Show more

Select Keep anyway    ( or Report this app as safe )

Then proceed to install...

( I did a 'report this app as safe' on this version of JTA and now when I install on another PC, Edge does not flag it during download.. ?? )


On 6/19/2020 12:11 PM, Jim Denneny wrote:
I am on Win10 and recently got their most recent, large upgrade.  I was thinking the same thing.  They must have tightened their blocking at that time.  Strange because I added exception for folders: HamApp and JTalert folders.  Since I could not download v2.16.8, I could not add exception for the file.

AVOID EDGE. Use Chrome or Firefox.

&3, Jim K7EG

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