locked JTAlert Scan / Rebuild out of sync with LOTW


I have been using LOTW as THE source for my logged contacts, confirmations and awards.  Using LOTW, I have changed logs over the many years, and not all of my contacts and confirmations reside in my HRD logbook.  It has not been an issue in the past.  But now since I cannot get enough of JTAlert, when I do a JTAlert scan log and rebuild it all works fine from HRD as selected, but then is out of sync with what is reported in LOTW.  At that point, I have to manually update the band, modes and DXCC information which I have set as enabled in JTAlert.  This is tedious each day.

So I have a dilemma as I am not always confident that the alerts from JTAlert are accurate.  Have others addressed this issue? 

73's  Craig

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