locked Fatal Error 2.16.7 Settings. All errors disappeared after installing later version, 2.16.8

Mark W2OR

Just FYI:  With v.2.16.7 having run beautifully for days now, today a Fatal Error window appeared each time I attempted to open the Settings window.  The error was apparently caused by a Windows-7 Firewall program.  Since a newer JTA version (2.16.8) was available, I downloaded/ installed 2.16.8 and the error notices ceased.  All's working well, and no further actions seem necessary at this point.  Some further details below should anyone be interested.   73 de Mark.
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Details:  Here is a partial rendition of the original Fatal Error notice:
 "Fatal Error. Following file is missing... C:ProgramFiles (x86) HamApps\JTAlert\plugins\JTAlertSettings.exe"    See below.

The notice suggested a re-configuration of the "...virus software to exclude JTAlert directories."  Here's where I always get lost. I cautiously went into Windows Firewall >> Allowed Programs, and found several listed JTA programs, some checked, some un-checked, along with options for each, including "Home/Work (Private)" and a second option for "Public".  Some of the programs listed were: Decodes (checked); Decodes (unchecked); Decodes History V3 (checked);  Decodes History V3 (unchecked); and more of the JTA directories. Not knowing anything about these options, and not wanting to make additional, inevitable errors, I was delighted to then find the new JTA version 2.16.8 available.  That's now installed and has been working well for the past hour.  As expected, the old settings were saved correctly for the new version.  And a few minor settings changes were made without incident.  Thank you, Laurie.  

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