locked JTAlert 2.16.8 is available #Announcement #NewRelease

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

The latest JTAlert version 2.16.8 is now available @ https://hamapps.com/JTAlert/

de Laurie VK3AMA

Release Notes.

2.16.8 (19-Jun-2020)

  *** Includes Callsign database file version 2020-06-19 (2020-Jun-19)

  New Features:

    - WSJT-X decode highlighting: If the JTAlert CQ Alert is enabled than WSJT-X
       decodes ending in "73" or "RR73", indicating that the DX station has ended
       their QSO, will have the "73" or "RR73" colored with the CQ Alert colors.


    - Decodes Window: Occasional delay/hang (up to ~30sec) of the Decodes window
       closing when JTAlert is closed

    - Decodes Window: Random corruption of the decodes database.

    - Alert Priority management: Incorrect display with entries missing after
       using the "Bottom" button or the "Down" button to bring an entry to the
       bottom of the list display.

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