locked Re: v2.16.7 No Sound - Realtec - Windows 10 - WSJT-X v2.2.1

JTAlert Support (VK3AMA)

On 17/06/2020 3:26 am, Kyle K7KE wrote:
Same behavior here.

Exact same behavior, are you sure?

Two or more concurrently running JTAlert instances, playing sounds from each instance but one not producing sound, is that what your seeing? If so, does the non-playing instance show a slider in the Mixer after using the "Test Sound Output" menu? With 2 instances concurrently running and a sound test performed from each should produce 2 volume sliders in the Mixer. If it doesn't than something is wrong.

If it is a windows issue, there is nothing I can do, if it is a JTAlert issue I may find something in your JTAlert session files. Please use the "Help" (or "? ") -> "Contact Support" menu, on the main JTAlert window, to send me your JTAlert files for analysis. Do this after having run your multiple JTAlert instances concurrently and performed a couple of "Test Sound Output" operations from each instance.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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