locked Re: Decodes window not always populating


On 16/06/2020 03:04, W4WT wrote:
Hi Laurie,

Changed option to delete records at startup and so far, it has worked five times straight.  Will continue to watch it.

I have another problem.  It regards sound.  It looks like JTAlert is only looking for so many characters in a sound devices name to select it.  I'm guessing around 31 max.  I have two sound devices with the same name for the first 31 characters.  One is named "VoiceMeeter VAI03 Input (VB-Audio VoiceMeeter VAIO3" and one is named "VoiceMeeter VAI03 Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable".  The correct one for Sound is the first one; not the cable.  I see JTAlert shows only the first 31 characters of the name and I assume that is resulting in it selecting the "cable" rather than the correct sound selection that I tell it to use.

Could you take a look at this?  It causes me to have to re-select the sound device everytime I start JTAlert.


Joe W4WT
Hi Joe,

that is probably all Windows offers to the application. Try renaming the sound devices to something shorter and more meaningful to you.


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