locked Decodes Fatal Error


Just got home after operating 3 months at my secondary station location during Stay-At-Home.  Had flawless operation with JTA while away.  I've got my monitors all reset, and changed my Gridsquare.  Using the same laptop at both locations with 2.16.7 (WSJTX 2.2.1).   Decoding is fine.  QSO's are fine.  Logging is fine.  BUT....when trying to initiate a QSO in the Decodes Window I get the attached Fatal Error.  The other thing that I'm experiencing is I'm only getting the last half of the audio Alerts.  The front of the Alert is chopped off of all the audio Alerts.  I've reloading JTA, but still seeing/hearing these quirks.  Win10 64 bit.  Any ideas?   Thanks 73 Herb WB8ASI

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