locked Re: v2.16.7 No Sound - Realtec - Windows 10 - WSJT-X v2.2.1

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On 15/06/2020 6:35 am, John wrote:
How do I get JTAlertV2.manager to open in the windows Volume Mixer?
Sometimes when I start a session it does and sometimes it doesn't
I tried to execute it in Hamapps/JTAlert/plugins but it still doesn't (when I do this� I get what looks like a DOS screen that flashes too quickly to read).
When it doesn't I get no sound alerts, nor the sound card test voice


From my original post..
  • Application volume sliders appearing in the Sound Mixer are controlled by Windows, JTAlert has no control over that.

  • Application volume sliders in the Mixer will only become visible once Windows has detected a sound-play type event from the application.

The only way to get JTAlertV2.manager to show as a volume slider in Mixer is to have JTAlert play a sound. If Windows does not detect that Sound Play event because something is blocking it or it is not running then the Manager will not show in Mixer.

The JTAlertV2.manager executable is a console application without a Windows form and is not designed to be run manually. It is coded to expect a specific number of command-line parameters from JTAlert and to run as a background process without an output window.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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