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Yes I do that and the test voice works on 10m. However there is never any voice alert when wanted calls appear on jtalert for 10 meters. The 6m voice works all the time.


From: Tom Melvin
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You don’t need to go into setting - use ToolBar - Sound -> Test Sound Output


I run two copies 6m and 4m all the time and it works really well.




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I set up dual Jtalert and wsjt-x FT8 for 6 and 10 meters on the same computer. All is working except the 2nd instance of JTalert (10 meters) gives no 10 meter audio alerts. If I test the sound card it gives the 6 meter voice.  Settings in the 2nd instance of Jtalert is grayed out so I can't check settings for a solution.
What is amiss?
Jerry KE7DJD



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