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How do I get JTAlertV2.manager to open in the windows Volume Mixer?
Sometimes when I start a session it does and sometimes it doesn't
I tried to execute it in Hamapps/JTAlert/plugins but it still doesn't (when I do this� I get what looks like a DOS screen that flashes too quickly to read).
When it doesn't I get no sound alerts, nor the sound card test voice


In bullet point form because it is easier to read/follow...
  • There were no changes to audio management in the recent release. There haven't been any changes for several releases.

  • Application volume sliders appearing in the Sound Mixer are controlled by Windows, JTAlert has no control over that.

  • The main JTAlert.exe executable doesn't perform any audio playback and will not appear in the Mixer.

  • All JTAlert audio is managed by the "JTAlertV2.Manager.exe" process and it is this process that will appear in the Mixer.

  • Application volume sliders in the Mixer will only become visible once Windows has detected a sound-play type event from the application.

  • An example from my Realtek (digital) output tests ...

    • Mixer before first sound is played from JTAlert.

    • Mixer after Windows has detected the JTAlert sound-play event.

  • To make your life easier, you can perform Sound Output device changes and play tests from the main JTAlert window without having to open the Settings window. Via the "Sound" menu.

  • I suggest you try tests against other Sound devices regardless of whether they will produce sound. Just a test to see if those devices will show "JTAlertV2.Manager" in the mixer after a test sound is played.

  • If "JTAlertV2.Manager" repeatedly doesn't show in the Mixer for other audio devices then the likely causes are your PC protection software interfering and blocking the UDP control message sent from JTAlert to the Manager process, the "JTAlertV2.Manager" itself is not running or the Audio module of the Manager is not initialized. You can check the status of all Manager modules via the JTAlert "Help -> About" menu.

If you still can't resolve use the "Help" (or "? ") -> "Contact Support" menu, on the main JTAlert window, to send me your JTAlert files for analysis.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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