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In 2002, I worked P5/4L4FN on 15 meter RTTY. The band was not overloaded with amps as you might expect. The only problem was that he was running at the "European" 66 words per minute instead of the more usual 60 wpm. Fortunately, after a couple of calls I realized that and changed the Kantronics KAM+ to 66 wpm and got him on the first call and his QSL.

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Yes, you are right. He is using the /4 to indicate the call area. However, that is interpreted by some logging programs as /AH4, which is Midway. Log4OM v2 (my main logging program) considers AH6P/4 as Midway. Log4Om v1 lists it as Hawaii. N1MM+ shows Midway. DXKeeper, as Laurie already mentioned, doesn't list a country, and asks for a country code to be entered. ACLog lists it as Hawaii.  Swisslog shows Midway. If I enter AH6P/W4, all logs correctly show United States. That would probably be the better call for him to use.


Jim N6VH

Jim, good report, thanks for the tests.

It could be worse, the Station in question could be running portable in Zone 5 and signing "/P5".

de Laurie VK3AMA

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