locked Re: JTAlert 2.16.7 not logging Country field in HRD #HRD

David De Coons

Hi Roger,

I am glad you got it running. 

You are running HRD .275 but .277 is the latest as of this message. You can download it from HRDs web site. 

If you had intermittent logging and a reboot cleared it I would take a look at the apps that are running. Possibly one is causing a memory leak. Task Manager should be able to help chase that down. 

Feel free to email me direct for any HRD issues as I am on their beta team and willing to help anyone with HRD logging issues. Laurie has done a wonderful job getting JTALERT working perfect with HRD Logbook. My email is good on QRZ. 

This offer goes for any other HRD users as well. We can keep the messages direct rather than tying up this group. 

Laurie, you can direct HRD related support issues from users to me if you like. I really appreciate your app and I want to contribute. 

Dave wo2x

Sent from my waxed string and tin cans. 

On Jun 10, 2020, at 11:42 AM, Roger M via groups.io <ac6bw@...> wrote:

"When did you last update HRD?
Nothing has changed in JTAlert with respect to HRD logging since the changes of 2.16.4 needed to accommodate the HRD FT4 changes."

HRD was last updated quite a while ago, and it is the most current stable release.

Regarding the issue of JTAlert not logging the country field to HRD:
After a system reboot, the problem has not occurred again.

Thanks for your help.


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