locked Re: download ver 2.16.6

Andrew; KF6LU

Thanks Neil for the reply.  For over a year I've been able to able to upgrade both JTalert and WSJTx without a problem.  I'm using win 10 64 bit, with ESAT as my antivirus. Run Log4Om ver2. with Omnirig for CAT. If I just run JTalert 2.16.7 the download stops with one second to go and hangs.  Turning off ESAT I can download and get the program to run.  Then if I turn off my PC and then restart later, the desktop icon has disappeared but the program still shows in Add or remove Programs.
Today I'm going thru all messages here with the topic of "exclusion".  Hopefully I can learn how to get all working again. Should I just exclude the program or the entire JTalert folder?  Always something new to learn with these darn PC's..

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