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On 10/06/2020 2:45 pm, Roger M via groups.io wrote:
I just installed JTAlert version 2.16.7.
After installing, it no longer logs the Country field in HRD.
The Country field displays [None] in HRD.
I have QRZ XML Lookup enabled in JTalert, and my account is valid.
I am running HRD version
This all worked fine with the previous version of JTAlert, 2.16.6

Thanks in advance,

When did you last update HRD?

Nothing has changed in JTAlert with respect to HRD logging since the changes of 2.16.4 needed to accommodate the HRD FT4 changes.

JTAlert will only send DXCC number and Country Name in the HRD logging command if the DXCC is > 0, that is for a valid DXCC Country.

Is JTAlert showing country data in its log field area prior to logging, if so that should be getting sent to HRD.

Sorry, I am unable to test HRD logging, I don't own a copy. Perhaps one of the group membersĀ  who runs HRD will chime in with their observations.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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