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Steve, N3SL

I believe JTAlert is doing EXACTLY what is expected with that callsign.  AH6P should be signing /W4!

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On 10/06/2020 6:39 am, Michael Black via groups.io wrote:
Saw this.....but he's in Hawaii and working from a 4 zone.  So how do we get Midway?
I can just put his callsign in WSJT-X and it shows up like this.

Mike W9MDB

The problem is the "/4" AH6P is using.

The JTAlert cty.dat file parsing is returning KH4 which is Midway, I don't know if that is correct or not

If he had signed for the other US cq zones he comes up as..
    Zone 3: AH6P/3 -> KH3 Johnston Island
    Zone 5: AH6P/5 -> KH5 Palmyra & Jarvis Islands

Using DXLab DXView as my gold standard it returns the same results except for no DXCC for AH6P/4

I am not familiar with the US licensing requirements, but is it normal to indicate the operating zone in such a way? I don't recall ever seeing this before, signing using the operating Zone number as a portable suffix.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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