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Carlos Reboreda <ea1dwi@...>

Hi Neil,


Turning off the antivirus? Bad deal, in my opinión. I trust n my antivirus.. not a single virus in my PC since I installed it, many years ago. I download a lot of files and never had this experience, so I just want to know what the developer says, if he has anything to say about it. I trust on JTalert and so do I with my ESET antivirus.


73s Carlos  EA1DWI


De: neil_zampella
Enviado: martes, 9 de junio de 2020 15:53
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Asunto: Re: [HamApps] JTAlert 2.16.7 is available


The file is safe ..


TURN OFF your antivirus, download the file, mark the file and the hamapps directory AS SAFE in your antivirus exemption list, install the update.  Turn the antivirus back on.


Neil, KN3ILZ


Hasan .. Defender doesn't suck .. but its written so that low usage programs (most ham applications) seem to be most affected by it.


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