locked Re: JTalert and 2m imported ADIF log does not rebuild - 4m GREEN and CANCEL in REBUILD


On Tue, Jun 9, 2020 at 06:04 AM, Franco HB9oab wrote:
1. I can't make the rebuild understand the vision of the fields in 2m.
I use an imported ADIF LOG, on all bands it works but not in 2m, I tried with BAND and FREQ but it is always zero on all fields even if I have enabled 2m (see images)

I solved for the 2m ...
1. I have things not quite the same as my ADIF log, but it is still calculated on 2m, I will check if it complies with the QSOs. My config error...

2. For the 4m I have disabled and it no longer calculates it.

3. For the CANCEL key during REBUILD I have no solution ...

Thanks for help
Franco, HB9oab

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