locked JTAlert stops updating for about 2 minutes

John Singler

I've been trying to solve this for a couple of months and run out of ideas. JTAlert runs fine for minutes to hours and then stops updating call signs. If I mouse over the form, I get an hourglass. The form shrinks a bit (but not the displayed call signs) and the top margin text gets pale. After about 90 seconds the top margin text gets dark again, usually with a Not Responding message,  and after about 2 minutes most or all the call signs decoded while the display is off get written. While all this is annoying, the thing that will eventually bite me is that if I log a QSO while JTAlert is stopped, when it comes back I  get a QSO not logged message - QSO and DX Call call signs don't match.
First thing I did was follow Mike Black's guidance and put the program and data directories for WSJT-X, JTAlert and HRD5 (my logger) on the Windows Defender exception list. JTAlert stops even it it has been minutes to hours since my last transmission and WSJT-X and CAT control are not impacted so I don't see how it can be RFI (but I did put an RFI suppression kit on anyway). . I've checked the CPU load with Performance Monitor and it is 12% to 25%. There was often a spike in HDD activity just before JTAlert stopped but not while it is stopped and that was usually WSJT-X writing a .wav file. WSJT-X doesn't do that any more and JTAlert still stops. I saw message 29770 about a potential fix but missed it the first time and now I get a page not found error for the beta.
I am using Windows 10, ver 1903, WSJT-X 2.2.0, and JTAlert 2.16.6
Any ideas? Thanks
John, KA5BJC

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