locked Re: Special callsigns

WB5JJJ - George

My solution is, and has always been right in front of my face. 

I just watch the WSJTx Band Activity window and let JTA do what it does the best, the voice announcements to get my attention for anything I might overlook, like a new DXCC.  1x1's and other special calls jump out at me all the time, even if they are color-coded as having been worked before for some previous special event. 

I spend most of my time watching the BA window as it's easier to scan with everything in a single row, whereas the JTA has things in a horizontal AND vertical plane per entry.  I can scan the BA window in half the time it takes me to scan the JTA grid.  I have B4 ignore turned on, CQ only unchecked and using the 8x3 display.  This setup still gets a bit overwhelming to decipher in less than 15s. 

Don't get me wrong, but the JTA announcements and grid display are a vital part of my operation.  And yes, I do scan it frequently, but as a backup to WSJTx which is a much faster visual scan for these older eyes and slower reaction times. 
George - WB5JJJ

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