locked Re: Special callsigns

Michael Black

There are 750 special event callsigns in U.S.  I haven't looked up foreign ones.

The point here to get JTAlert to recognize these as need-to-be-worked since they expire so quickly.

A regular expression detects them.


And this to detect one with a suffix.

Mike W9MDB

On Sunday, June 7, 2020, 12:10:28 PM CDT, Tom Melvin <tom@...> wrote:


Might be a PITA to program - you mention 1 x 1 but if the Prefix is 2 characters e.g.  GM  then it fails - so GM2T which is a special event/contest callsign you would want to apply the same.  Are ALL 1 x 1 callsigns special events - would be a problem if genuine call was treated like that.  You mention a pull-down to set expiration - are people going to use that on a per QSO basis or were you thinking of having a global setting for all 1x1, 2x1 etc.




On 7 Jun 2020, at 16:20, Michael Black via groups.io <mdblack98@...> wrote:

Laurie -- I noticed that the special event 1x1 callsigns should be handled a bit differently.

Probably something like having an expiration time on B4 detection.  Since these things are only good for a short while and the events change constantly.
So having a pull down with maybe a 30-day default for B4 detection would work.

So those that want to work these don't ever get alerted a 2nd time for any specific call once you work any particular one.



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