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Greg Yates <gyates@...>

I was using Field Day  Log and I think it is set up properly but HOW DO I TEST to make sure.  I have not found a way.  Please tell  me.


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On 7/06/2020 9:29 am, Greg Yates via groups.io wrote:

I am sure someone is going to use the above.  I have it installed I think.  I can’t think of a way to test if it logs to N3fjp.  I have tried to log a contact but says it is wrong exchange and it is but how do you test it before Field Day?


I asked this question on the N3fjp forum but did not get an answer and not really sure this is the forum but you never know until you ask.


Thanks for any help.




When I test FD with ACLog I manually entered the correct exchanges in the WSJT-X Log QSO window. WSJT-X has to be running in ARRL FD mode and JTAlert has been setup correctly to work with the N3FJP FD Contest logger (you can't use ACLog).

Proper setup of JTAlert and N3FJP is in the JTAlert help file (with pictures), it is a simple operation.
See the "Tutorials -> N3FJP Contest Logs Logging" Help topic.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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