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On 6/06/2020 9:18 pm, asobel@... wrote:
My JTAlert 2.16.6 Wanted CQ Marathon is showing I did work WAE African Italy, WAE European Turkey and ITU Vienna. I could not identify any QSO with African Italy, Lampedusa, Pantelleria and ITU Vienna (4U1VIC). I did identifiy 2 QSOs with European Turkey (TC1) but those did belong to "Turkey".
Were are the missing QSOs hidden? I an using WSJT-X and HRD.

I have no way of knowing what Callsigns in your log JTAlert flagged as WAE. They may be callsigns with an WAE override in the cty.dat file JTAlert that are not normally WAE due to their callsign structure.

The only way I could identify the Callsigns would be if I had access to your HRD log file. Since I don't have access to a working copy of HRD I would need to use an ADIF export from your log. Please send an ADIF export file (zipped up) to me directly, NOT via this group.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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