locked Re: JTAlert missing "bands" = 4m-band

Norbert Graf - DD3KF



I did a “Scan Log and Rebuild“ before testing.


Please see the screenshot for 4m.


The wrongly alerted WANTED GRID's JO21 and JO31 are included in this list.


In the afternoon there was another short opening on 4m. In this opening the described findings showed up again with stations from other verified GRID´s.


WANTED GRID Tracking on 6m and short wave working okay here.





Norbert Graf

D D 3 K F


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On 5/06/2020 10:29 pm, Norbert Graf - DD3KF wrote:

The station calling CQ from JO21 is alerted as NEW GRID on 4m.
In my logbook I found 4 other stations from this square which verified the
contact via LoTW.
Same result for other stations calling CQ from JO21 and JO31.

As 4m is a new band for JTAlert, all the 4m specific wanted lists are empty.
You need to run a "Scan Log & Rebuild" to get those internal lists updated with your 4m Log data.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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