locked Re: JTAlert missing "bands" = 4m-band

Norbert Graf - DD3KF


TU for the Beta Version.

This morning we had a short opening on 4m.

ALERT Priority was set as follows:

- CQ

The screen short shows what I found.

The station calling CQ from JO21 is alerted as NEW GRID on 4m.
In my logbook I found 4 other stations from this square which verified the
contact via LoTW.
Same result for other stations calling CQ from JO21 and JO31.

Few minutes later a station from IO75 was alerted as NEW GRID. This was
okay, because I never logged a station from this sqaure on 4m.

The B4 alerts are okay.

I had quick look on 20m and checked about 20 alterted WANTED GRID´s manually
against my log. Found no error. These GRID´s have been never worked B4 oder
the worked B4 were not verfied via LoTW or QSL card.

My working environment:
- Windows 10, 64 bit
- WSJT-X 2.2.0 GA 64 bit
- JTAlert 2.16.6
- HRD Log, logging via JTAlert

Hope this findings are helpful to you.

If you want some more tests please let me know.


Norbert Graf
D D 3 K F

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Here you go, the latest JTAlert build with full 4m support.

There was a lot of code changes so I might have broken something.
Please provide some feedback regarding the changes. Do they work correctly,
is anything broken or missing, etc?


de Laurie VK3AMA

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