locked Callsign Display Decays

Bob Craig, K8RC

I have just updated from 2.12.8 to 2.16.6. Everything is great with one exception:

The JTAlert panel quits displaying callsigns after 5-12 minutes have elapsed since program start. 

The behavior at failure is WSJT (FT8) will complete a decode but the JTAlert callsign display will not update and continue to display the callsigns from the previous decode cycle.
At the 2nd WSJT decode after this failure the JTAlert display will be cleared but nothing will be displayed even though WSJT continues to decode and display normally.
Closing, then restarting the JTAlert/WSJT combo will restore function again temporarily.

There is no correlation between number of calls decoded and the failure point. That is, on 20 meters with a busy band, it can take as long as 12 minutes to fail while on 10m during an E opening it has failed after only 5 minutes of 1 or 2 calls decoded per 15 second cycle.
73, Bob, K8RC

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