locked Yet Another N1MM+ & JTAlert Post....

Scott Straw

From The N1MM+ set-up guide for WSJT-X/JTDX:

Compatibility with JTAlert – Can I run JTAlert (and N1MM+) at the same time?
No. The current versions of JTAlert and N1MM+ do not permit port sharing. You must close JTAlert for the WSJT Decode List to function. Furthermore, if you enable both the WSJT-X -to- N1MM+ logging interface and the JTAlert logging interface (without using the WSJT Decode List window in N1MM+), your contacts will be double-logged into the N1MM+ contest database.

I am so addicted to your JTAlert program.  It is a masterful piece of work. Thank you for this labor of love!  I'm sure you are tired by now of everyone pushing you to make it do "more, more, more!"  I won't do that here, directly, but rather ask for some insight to someone who knows absolutely zero about coding.  It seems the barrier to being able to use JTAlert and N1MM+ is something called "port sharing".  Is this something that is impossible, difficult, impractical, or time consuming? Some or all of the above?

I have come to accept that if I want to contest with N1MM+, using WSJT-X (like in the ARRL North American Field Day event at the end of this month), I'm going to have to "suck it up" and fly without JTAlert.  I'm simply curious about the degree of difficulty in overcoming the shared port obstacle.

I must close by telling you that for day-to-day logging I run WSJT-X and JTAlert along with Dave Bernstein's DXLabs Suite.  I've configured  the programs to have all of the decodes forward from JTAlert to the Spot Collector program.  I then have a filter for "Needed DX" that serves as a reinforcement of the audible alert.  I can also quickly see if the station is workable or just a "one-shot minus 24 signal that wafted through like an aroma on a passing breeze".

Again, thank you for the JTAlert program that has revolutionized how WSJT-X ad JTDX are used.

Scott, KB4KBS
Roswell, Georgia, USA

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