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On 3/06/2020 9:26 pm, Greg Yates via groups.io wrote:

I was trying to connect my TenTec Orion 2 thru Omni Rig to JT Alert along with my 7610 and I think I have screwed up both.  Mike helped me before.  Also anyone that might be familiar with JT Alert and N3FPJ Field Day logging program.

I am not much of  a computer person so any help would be appreciated.



JTAlert doesn't do CAT control. It has no concept of Rigs and their instruction set, nor that of com/usb ports. Are you perhaps referring to getting WSJT-X and N3FPJ working with your rig? I suggest you ignore JTAlert until you get that mix working then your can get the JTAlert integration working (it is very easy with simple instructions included in the Help file).

de Laurie VK3AMA

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