locked Re: Non-coloring of WSJT-X 2.2.0 GA

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On 3/06/2020 4:31 pm, Norbert Graf - DD3KF wrote:

Hello Laurie,


Installed WSJT-X 2.2.0 GA 64bit.


I would like to inform you about a new issue I discovered today.


JTAlert signaled DX  but the display in WSJT-X 2.2.0 GA was partially missing.


Please see the enclosed 2 Screen Shot.


Related Calls:

- XE1KK,

- V22NYR (odd GRID – real station?)


My working environment:

- Windows 10, 64 bit

- WSJT-X 2.2.0 GA 64 bit

- JTAlert 2.16.6

- HRD Log, logging via JTAlert


TU for your help beforehand.



There is no issue. WSJT-X is displaying the colors matching those shown in JTAlert, it is working correctly.

I suspect your referring to "XE1KK" which generated a DXCC alert and a CQ Alert. JTAlert can only color a callsign with one color, if a callsign generates multiple alerts, only the highest priority alert will be used to color the callsign. You appear to have CQs set with a higher priority than DXCCs. You need to make DXCC alerts higher priority than CQ. The default is CQ is lower in priority than DXCC so you must have changed the priorities sometime in the past.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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